No. 1 - Storytime - GlassyPeople

No. 1 - Storytime

October 27, 2015



No. 1 - Storytime



This letter is a little different.

It's not concise.  It doesn't have a specific product promotion.  It doesn't contain discounts or coupons.  It doesn't include any Call-to-Actions.  We are breaking many of the so-called industry standards.  It's a digital marketer's nightmare.  

My name is Kevin and I am the Co-Founder of GlassyPeople.  Dan, the founder of GlassyPeople, is busy with things like running a business and having a life.  On the other hand, I don't even know exactly what I do here.  Instead of actually making myself useful, I am going to continue my ambiguous existence and ramble away.

One of the aspects we want to emphasize as we grow is the customer experience in its entirety. So, we are launching a weekly newsletter campaign.  We will provide you with useful knowledge for your eyewear, feature our awesome customers, and notify you with eyewear industry news.  

Most importantly, we will be telling you stories.
We don't want to be a templated newsletter.  
We want to offer you something unique. 



I will be writing to you once a week.  As you noticed, I switched the pronoun from 'We' to 'I'.  It's really me, Kevin, writing to you.  Dan is the more classic and traditional type, while I am the rough and wild type. Because of our personality differences, GlassyPeople has been a fun ride.  

I want to share that story with you.

I used to write a lot.  When I was a kid, my school made me keep a diary, and that's when my love for writing began.  In my lost college days, I spent a semester studying creative writing.  Yes, I was that guy doing poetry readings at a coffee shop.  Somewhere along the line, life happened and I stopped writing.  I want to write again.  

I want to write about more than just selling glasses.  
I want to write about our moments of happiness and frustration.  

I want to write about the fascinating people behind GlassyPeople. 
I want to write about how we are trying to build something wonderful.



I always felt the writing was more intimate when I could put a face to the words. So here is my Instagram.  I don't have much on it yet, but I do plan to use it more. Please don't be shy to add me. I want to get to know you guys too. 

Alrighty, that's enough rambling.  I will be back next week with the story about our most popular pair of sunglasses: Mosman.  On that day in May, where we setup our first popup shop, we sold out of Mosmans; everything clicked like a dream. I want to tell you about that delightful day. 

Until then, take care~

- Kevin

Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee


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