The Beginning of GlassyPeople Journey

The Beginning of a Journey

March 05, 2015


A little over two years ago, I reconnected with the love of my life and high school crush, Mina.  She was an aspiring optometrist (aka eye doctor) and gave me a close-up look at the eyewear industry.  As I researched the prices and the quality, I wondered why all my fellow friends and family were shelling out exorbitant amounts of money for their eyewear.  I immediately recognized the need to serve a market where customers are tired of limited and over-priced choices. 

After many late nights filled with neurotic anxiety and hail mary prayers, I made up my mind and quit my full-time job.   Soon afterwards, with the help of talented collaborators, GlassyPeople was born.   The voyage to satisfy my fascination with eyewear fashion has commenced. 

We are obsessed about providing a vision of unparalleled eyewear fashion, honest prices, and timely customer service.  It's this vision that propels us to improve every day.

Thank you for joining us in this journey.  We encourage you to voice yourselves with any suggestions for the website designs and eyewear styles.  Help us make this company a success (and help me get married too!)

Here are some awkward pics of Lily and myself in the snow. I thought it was a nice day for some...awkwardness. Enjoy! 

- Daniel Han

Daniel Han
Daniel Han


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