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Fall 2015 Eyewear Collection Launch

September 24, 2015


We are often asked how we name our products.  Some names have meanings behind them, and some are random.  We keep our eyes and ears open for interesting words and sounds that convey a certain imagery.  

SONDER is a word that we've been keeping it in the pocket for the right time. It originated from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, a project by John Koenig, which aims to come up with new words for emotions that currently lack words.  A word this deep is perfectly fitting for our brand new clubmaster style.  

ALBA and WHITMORE are named after our past interns, Margaret for Graphic Design and Max for Web Development.  The totally badass pair of sunglasses - ISER - is named after our co-founder, Kevin.  He has been using the word Iser as his online screenname for over 15 years.  BRISBANE is named after the city in Australia.  We have absolutely no relations to this city.  The word just sounds classical like the frame itself, so we felt like it would be a good match.  Brisbane is already our best-seller at our Garden State Plaza location.  

We have also added autumn-hues to our popular models AVENA and MEUSE.  Make sure to check out the rest of the collection!

We will be back by the holiday season along with the gift card system.
Until then, stay classy and keep it glassy~

- GlassyPeople Happiness Team

Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee


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