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GlassyPeople Pupillary Distance (PD) Ruler

Pupillary Distance is an essential measurement that is necessary for your glasses to be manufactured.  We cannot begin the process until we have it.  Unfortunately, optometrists usually do not give it out because they know you can shop anywhere you want once you know your PD (even though FTC regulation clearly states that they must give it to you when requested).  If your optometrist breaks a federal regulation and refuses to provide you with the PD, you can use our PDF ruler.  It is very accurate and reliable.  

To use our PD ruler, you must have access to a printer.  If you do not, then you can pick one up from our Garden State Plaza location or we can mail it to you at your request (just send us an e-mail at  Click the orange button above to go to the Pupillary Distance Ruler page.


** If you have purchased from one of our physical locations, please use this form to submit your prescription.  

The most important part of ordering online is accurately providing us with your prescription information.  We provide 4 different methods.  


If you choose to enter it now, use the dropdown box to select the values.  We need these 7 numbers without exception.  Without this information, your order maybe delayed. 

  • OD is Oculus Dexter (Right Eye) and OS is Oculus Sinister (Left Eye)

  • SPH is Spherical Correction and it determines how near (-) or far (+) sighted you are. 

  • CYL/AXIS information is for customers with astigmatism.

  • PD is Pupillary Distance which is measured in millimeter (mm). Most optometrists do not note this number as it enables the customer to shop online.  Make sure you ask them to provide you the PD value.


We can call your optometrist for you to collect your prescription information (please be advised that some optometrists will not give out the prescription unless the actual individual contacts them directly).  


You can take a picture of your prescription and upload through our website.  We accept all of the common image formats (PDF, JPEG and etc).  


If you prefer, you can order the frames you want now and e-mail us your prescription at your convenience.  Some of our popular styles sell out fast, and this option gives you an opportunity to reserve the frame you love.  Our restock can take upto 30 days, so this is a great way to make sure you don't miss out.  


All our glasses are provided with anti-reflective coating which greatly reduces the glare.  Please note that this is different from polarized lenses.  Polarized coating reduce glare of the light reflected off of a surface you are looking at.  Anti-reflective coating reduces the glare from the surface of the lens itself. 


Now you choose your lens-index. 

  • 1.50 CR-39 Conventional Lens is the most widely used lens in the market but it is on the heavier and thicker side.  

  • 1.59 Polycarbonate Lens is impact resistant and is the best choice for all purpose needs. This is the most popular lens on the market. 

  • 1.67 High-Index Lens provides thinner and lighter lenses for customers with a higher prescription.