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TR90 Memory-Flex Technology

TR90 is a thermoplastic polyamide, also known as Memory-Flex Techonlogy. It is the perfect material for everyday wear.

Flexible and Durable

The frames memorizes the original shape, and bounces right back even after being subjected to extreme forces.  Flexibility also makes the frames highly impact resistant.  

A picture is worth a thousand words:


Most of our TR90 glasses weigh between 8g to 14g. Our lightest model, AEGIS, only weighs incredible 4g. Average conventional acetate frames weigh over 30g. You barely feel like you are wearing anything.  Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you are actually wearing glasses. 


TR90 material is used throughout the entire frame, including nose-pads and the ear-tips.  It performs great when it is wet, and gives you that extra grip when you need it the most.  


TR90 provides zero risk to allergy.  It even has been approved by the FDA for usage in food containers.